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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  January 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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a home, katherine. >> reporter: very tense moments in court for arraignment as both sides appeared on a very emotional case. family members and supporters of the accused shouted, we believe in you, while family of the innocent child silently sobbed. then the shocking revelation that this stray bullet tragedy may have allegedly all started over a dispute over a hoverboard. >> jakwan keller hanging his head above a bullet proof vest, 20 years old charged with murder. the innocent victim a seventh joyner. >> the residents of hempstead cooperated with police and we let other community members know this kind of conduct will
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keller picked up sunday driving a bmw driving not far where he struck joyner in the head, she was the unintended victim of gang violence today revealed the gang motive, gang retaliation of a petty theft. >> not only shattered a family but also outraged a community fed up with senseless gun crime. >> i think this is a boiling point where people said enough is enough, we have to get together, we have to love one another stop hurting each other. leaders urged anyone with information to defy gang culture and come forward. >> nassau county crime stoppers received over 40 calls. for dejah's grieving family the arrest offers a chance at justice. >> justice will prevail, will be served. >> this is a lot of emotion. >> yes it is.
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turmoil for the longest since this happened. keller no stranger to police behind the wheel allegedly trying to run over a cop, sued them saying he violated civil rights. police say keller is a member of the blood's came and taking aim at a rival gang member. half of the tips they received did have some value and someone a $75,000 reward. cbs 2 news. to a developing story as police in brooklyn search for a fifth suspect accused of gang raping a teenage girl. right now four other suspects are being questioned by investigators janelle burrell
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>> reporter: sources tell cbs that police do know who that fifth and final suspect is in this case that they are hoping to close in on him today. as for those other suspects they are still being held her by investigators as community leaders are demanding to know why more wasn't done to help the victim and her dad. >> this morning communityleaders in brownsville gathering at the same playground where police say this took place, why a store owner refused to assist the rape victim's father. >> he should be ashamed when this father came to ask for help to not allow him to call or use his phone. sources say last thursday night the 18-year-old victim was drinking with her father
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police say at some point these 5 teens allegedly approached them. one pointed a gun at the father insisting he leave, etells activists he ran to a near by store asking to use a phone but was denied. the suspects tookturns raping his daughter. by the time the dad flagged down officers the suspects got off. >> there is a since of responsibility to say that, oh, you must be here for some reason if you're saying police, you know for the most part. a phone call should have been made. community leaders say two of the young men, both 15 years old were turned in by their parents the other two, 14 and sunday. this outraged community demanding that the fifth accused attacker now surrender. >> there is still one actor in this whole play still out there. we want him to turn himself in. do the responsible thing. we ask that his parents, you
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that to be your child, turn him have done. as for the bodega owner, he says in his defense the father did not seem urgent did not seem nervous and that people often come into his store asking to use his phone. as for the suspects being held here, two of them according to sources say that this incident with the victim was consentual. so far, no charges have been filed. reporting live this noon from brooklyn, cbs 2 news. fans around the world are remembering david bowie the rocker died last night in london after a battle with cancer, cbs 2 emily smith is live with more on his legacy, emily. mary. we are on lafayette street on
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are putting flowers and cards saying star man forever, many felt this was his home away from home. >> legendary british singer david bowie influenced fans and musicians around the world. bowie's -- says he died with his family. saying very sorry and sad to say it's true i'll be offline for awhile, love all. we spoke with fans and in soho. >> childhood teenagers just meant so much. >> i think i was 17 years old i bought my first bowie album. hales from south london born david jones, he fell in
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14 in a 2002 interview he explained how music became his life. >> quite like my teens i didn't know if i was going to be in music or if i was going to be painting. i kept going backwards and forwards and opted for music eventually. >> he hit with space oddity, he raised eyebrows with the rise and fall of zeggie stardust. with it he created the alter ego. he even claimed he was gay, he saw much of his success in the fame. married to international super model, he was inducted into the hall of fame, he received a lifetime achievement award 10 years later and had a star on
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see the flowers people just keep dropping them by that says star man forever, love just below it in chalk. his album actually came out friday, black star, that's also when he turned 69 years old. we expect all day there will be a presence of fans here remembering him. we are live in soho, emily smith. the fbi and philadelphia police are investigating claims that the gunman who ambush a police officer is part of a larger terror plot. police say a woman told an officer that the man who shot and wounded another officer is part of a group of four men charged with attempted murder that wounded him, said that he pledged allegiance to the group. the anonymous tip claimed that 30-year-old archer is not the most radical of the four.
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he was an urban terror, whether it was terror, isis, these other three need to be looked at and investigated. the officers are recovering from three bullet wounds to his arm. the extradition process to bring el chapo guzman is underway, could be a long wait. el chapo was recaptured after escaping for a second time from a maximum security prison, officials say while the process to send him back to the u.s. has begun, the earliest he could be extradited was six months. officials confirm a meeting between el chapo and sean penn led to his arrest. looks like michael broomberg may be testing the president. the source says bloomberg made
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trump's rise in popularity. results of the poll haven't been released. senator ted cruz gaining ground in iowa, 28% of the votes four points ahead of donald trump. the two are far ahead of marco rubio. in minnesota, rubio a distant second followed by chris christy and ted cruz. the race is tied hillary clinton leads in iowa with 48% just ahead of bernie sanders with 45%. different story in new hampshire where sanders leads by 4 points. a funeral took place at lincoln center for judith kay the first woman to serve at chief judge. she presided over the court of appeals and died of cans ner her home in manhattan, she was 77 years old. there is much more ahead with news at noon, new
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safer how cars can soon be talking to each other, will it stop accidents from happening? the big change is coming up, theringling bros. and barnum and bailey gets a new look. we have interesting weather maybe a little bit of snow we'll take a look at the potential totals and look at
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forecast coming up. . new technology will allow cars on the road to talk to each other warning others of drivers the danger ahead before they happen. chris van cleave tells us how it works. >> equipping cars and trucks with so-called communication will allow vehicles to see each other and warn of a potential danger well before a driver sees it. >> our goal is to see this as possible. the proposed rule will call for standard technology to be phased in over a period of years but still must clear administrative hurdles and a public comment period. v2v allows wi-fi for claires to share information like speed and information, allowing a car
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lanes about a hazard ahead and automatic braking. they may be with infrastructure and letting drivers know how long before an upcoming change. he agrees it is life saving technology but believes it will be a number of years before that security against hacking and privacy are fully addressed. >> you will going to be able to be tracked like never before. the auto industry is expected to support the regulation,estimates put it at $100 a vehicle but that is expected to drop as time goes on. chris vancleave. cbs news, detroit michigan. a big night for an actress, she wins a golden globe. going to wait. she doesn't want to wrap up highlights. and what a difference a day makes this cold weather just
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his way to oscar gold. >> and the golden globe goes to the revenant. the revenant the true story about a man who survived being mauled by a bear won top honors taking home the statues for best picture drama, best actor, leonardo dicaprio. i want to share this award with all the nations people represented in this film. >> bree larson plays a number trying to bring her son a normal upbringings. two winners received standing ovations denzel washington who received the lifetime achievement award and sylvester stalone for the rocky in the movie creed.
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the best friend i ever had. of their lives. >> took aim at everyone from sean penn to caitlyn jenner and especially for nominating the martian as a comedy . to be fair, the martian was a lot funnier than pixals, but then so was schindler's list. you. isn't it? >> some people were in no hurry like best tv actress, henson. >> please wrap, wait a minute you're going to wait. with her turn to pick up her third career golden globe. >> every time i'm up here it is because of you.
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the big short, they walked away empty handed last night. to see a complete list go to our website at pretty exciting. nice and cozy to watch it inside. yesterday was crazy, wind chills. now we've snow on the way too. great pictures first off. observations 29, i like what mike has to say, it is a question i wonder if my snow blower still works, maybe better see if it will start. you may see more than we have in the city, lori also has 29 north and west, look at this, love this, nice beach shots out on the island 1.7 inches of rain yesterday many records. thank you, mike, for this beautiful picture. look at the frame and look at the lens. another shot, busy, pretty
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some gusty winds and those winds doing a number on our numbers that's why that wind chill is something we have to consider today and then again on wednesday. sunny and 32. freezing, wind out of the west at 12 t. these numbers, cold. temperatures spread basically about 25 to 36, look at the difference from yesterday. it is 25 degrees colder than it was this time yesterday, and then doing the math the wind chill in the city right now 23 wind chills as low as 13, 59 yesterday feeling like april and now, wind chills in the teens and 20s, even if we hit at 4:48. clouds duchess county, the genesis of a clipper heading our way, this is what it means monday, bright cold and windy, tuesday clouds on the increase, some rain in the mix, a few snow showers they continue through the 10, 11:00 hour,
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colder air as far as totals go this is the most aggressive model and that has just a little over a quarter of an inch, parts of the city over an inch, i think we'll have our first measurable snow. so it won't be a record. the record was back on january 29 '73. even colder with those wicked wednesday. keeping us on our toes right? socks. when we come back, hugh hefner playboy mansion is up
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call now and request your free decision guide... and start gathering the information you need to help you go long . . ringling bros. and barnum and bailey are retire its elephants ending the acts a year and a half earlier than planned there are 11 elephants on tour, the animals will be taken to a conservation due to growing public concern over treatment. coming up tonight beginning at 5:00 a work out for your mind and body, the latest trend is fitness has nothing to do with sweat. a new plan in west chester county to deal with concussions, what's being proposed for high school and youth sports that's getting a lot of national attention, those stories much more tonight 5:00. and the most famous party house in the world is officially up for sale, but there is one catch.
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on the market for $200 million today hugh hefner purchased for $1.1 million back in 1971. the 20 room property features where playboy bunnies parties with celebrities as a condition for the sale the buyer would have to agree with a roommate, hefner himself, who would live there for the rest of his life. talk about fine print. >> that's it for us at noon
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